Multidirectional scarf heaven

The title says it all.  I’m in MD scarf heaven.  I’m actually falling in love with this basic multi-directional scarf from Iris Schrier’s book Modular Knits.  I started out using Louisa Harding’s Impressions to do it, but that didn’t work out well at all.  It seems that that particular yarn (and it’s gorgeous, let me tell you) lends itself better to lace – not that I even know how to knit lace, but I think that it would be perfect for lacy open work, the fluffiness filling in some of the open space beautifully.  I digress… I chose to use Debbie Bliss’s Alpaca silk DK and it’s coming out perfectly.  It’s got just enough substance to hold the scarf together well and show off the pattern, but also enough softness and drape to be beautiful to look at and a dream to touch.  I’m also a little bit in love with Debbie Bliss…LOL 

I’m off now to work on said scarf, listen to some knitting podcasts and then off to work on that baby I’ve been wanting…if Jake doesn’t wake up wanting to sleep with mommy and daddy again, that is.  That would be just sick and wrong…sick and wrong, I tell you!!

Night y’all.



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