Single project…okay maybe just a few


We’re in Kansas right now, Wichita to be exact, and it’s helped me to limit projects in the works.  Not much, though.  We’re going to be here for 3 1/2 weeks, so I brought two bags stuffed just full of yarn along with all of my needle rolls, a bag of circ’s and 1/2 my collection of knitting books with me for this trip.  Am I crazy?  Do other people do that?  I thought about bringing just one or two projects, but knew I would get bored and spend WAY too much money at an LYS here in town.  Of course I’m still going to check it out and spend some cash there…it’s my Mommy’s Day gift…but not like I would if I felt like I was project deprived. 

I’m still working on Hokie Hope squares; my goal is at least five of them before the deadline.  I’ve got the chart for the Hokie bird, but don’t think I’m good enough yet for it.  I’m playing with stitch patterns, which is good.

I started the Zig Zag scarf, as I mentioned before, but have put that aside since I screwed it all up somewhere.  I was going to start it over, but decided to do the MD scarf from the same book.  It’s supposed to be a little easier.  I’m using Debbie Bliss Alpaca/silk dk for the project so it will have an amazingly soft hand and beautiful drape when I wear it, if I don’t end up giving it away to someone who admires it.  I do that a lot.  Don’t we all?!?!  So I’m going to try to keep only those two things going while I’m here until I’m finished with the MD, but I have those skeins of Louisa Harding Impressions 10 skeins each of a pink variegated and a rust colored variegated as well as 10 skeins of a different kind by her that’s an angora blend.  All three are exceptionally soft and I love them.  I was going to make the MD out of the Impressions, but I’ve never worked with mohair before and am a little nervous about it.  I’ll keep you updated on my scarf progress, which I’m off right now to work on for a bit before I sleep. 

Later, y’all.



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