I’m a bad, bad crafting blogger!!

When I say crafting, I mean, of course, knitting b/c that’s all I seem to do in terms of crafting, even though I’ve been gathering TONS of scrapbooking supplies (note, I’ve never, EVER, actually made even one paper scrapbook page, though I have made several digi-scrap pages that aren’t half bad) My digi-scrap gallery at Scrapbook Bytes is small, but not too bad, I think.  

I haven’t actually finished anything in forever, it seems.  It’s like I have knitting ADD.  I have so many projects that I’ve started and loved and then I find something else.  I will take pictures of my WIP’s and post them soon, but for now, I’ll just try to give a short recap of what I’m working on/not working enough on…LOL 

  • Felted Geometric Carpet Bag – this one I really wanted to finish; it was to be my first felting project.  The problem was that after I did the first two triangles, the modular knitting totally stumped me.  I followed the instructions but I couldn’t get the third triangle to go in the right direction no matter what I tried.  I’ve asked for help in numerous forums and lists, but nobody has managed to help me (I honestly haven’t had many attempts at help…blah)
  • Log Cabin blanket – I found this pattern while playing online one night and it called to me.  I used my Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk for it in Rust and Lilac with Jaeger Trinity (these three yarns were my foray into the world of “good” yarns, btw, and I’m hooked) in silver for the center square (I really don’t love the texture of Trinity, but maybe that’s just b/c it’s not very soft compared to the Alpaca-Silk; I’m sure it’s really a very lovely silk/cotton combo to a lot of people and I plan to give it another chance on something that I don’t want to be quite so drapey and soft). This got put on hold for…
  • Felted bowls – I’ve been wanting to do these since I first saw the pattern in One Skein  by Leigh Radford.  I was/am fascinated by these.  I got the bulky yarn that I need (Rowan Little Big Wool) and got to work.  Easy pattern, pretty colors, I’m in love and then I realize that I don’t have the DPNs in the size I need for finishing so it’s on hold until I get it.  Luckily I found a pattern for felted nesting boxes in Mason_Dixon Knitting which only require straight needles.
  • Multi-directional zigzag scarf – From Irish Schreier’s Modular Knits; I had this skein of gorgeous variegated pink silk yarn that I’ve had in a box for almost a year.  I was looking for something, saw it and knew I had to find a pattern to play with it.  This was it.  I just got it on the needles last night and am in love with it.  But then…
  • I discovered the website for Hokie Healing and I feel like I have to put stuff aside and do what I can to offer any measure of comfort I can to the families and victims of the tragedy in VA.  I’m using the yarn in rust for the log cabin blanket so that’s on hold long term; I’ll probably just change the color scheme as I only have one square done.

Okay, enough.  I’m going to go and work on the squares for the VA families; more and pictures of some of my stuff later.  šŸ™‚  Night all!!


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