Felted Geometric Carpet Bag

Ok. So I’m currently working on this kit that I got for this carpet bag. It’s really cute and it’s my first felted project, so I’m very proud to be working on it and I want it to be perfect, you know. It’s made up of triangles that are knitted in the whole and then stitches are picked up along one side to start the next triangle. The first two triangles worked beautifully for me. The third triangle, though, appears to hate me. I’ve followed the directions to the best of my ability. Here they are; maybe someone can help me understand exactly what I’m doing wrong:

Joining modules:

Modules 2-9, 11, 13 etc… With right side facing, pick up 21 sts from the right side of module to the left, cast on 22 more sts. Continue with module directions beginning with row two

I must be doing something wrong b/c when I did exactly what I thought it meant, I ended up with a triangle that was attached in the wrong direction. I can’t figure out what they mean by

from the right side of the module to the left, CO 21 sts

they aren’t referring to the right side of the fabric b/c they’ve covered that earlier with the part about right side facing. When I look at the two triangles I already have (#1 upside down and #2 right side up; so pretty and right) the module to the left is the first one, but the next triangle is supposed to attach to #2 and the left side of #2 already has stitches on it; the ones I picked up to make it. ARGH!!! I’m so lost.

At least it’s nice yarn. The kit came with several of the gorgeously heathered shades of Cascade 220, which I adore almost almost as much as I’m adoring all of my Rowan and now Jaeger purchases. Oh the joy of using good yarn instead of “the other kind”. Speaking of which…

We went to Michael’s b/c I have two giftcards, but I just couldn’t decide on anything so I got a few odds and ends and that was it. I wanted yarn, but I have so many projects that I just couldn’t bring myself to get more without something specific in mind. I was going to get the yarn to make the “frosting” on the cupcakes I’m knitting, but nothing they had really struck my fancy. I seem to have spoiled myself by buying all that “good yarn” and now Michael’s just doesn’t do it for me anymore. ARGH!!! I Have to find a real LYS or I might die.

Anyone have any ideas on what kind of yarn would make good frosting for cupcakes (they’re in a book I have for one skein projects that I can’t think of the name of right now; I’ll post it with a link when I get up tomorrow). I’ll be using Mostly Rowan Calmer and their wool-cotton for the papers (a nice smooth yarn) but I have to come up with a few different frosting yarns that I can add beads, buttons etc. to for decoration. I’ve thought about fun fur, but it seems too long…any ideas for something easy to find and not too ridiculously pricey would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has any suggestions about where I should go to find a bulky weight (category 5) rather than a worsted of a good felting yarn, I would really appreciate it. I want to make the felted bowls from the same book, even bought a ton of colors of Cascade 220 in anticipation. It’s the wrong weight. I need a bulky. I don’t know where to find bulky weight wool. Help!!!

Anyone know of any good LYS ‘s in Kalamazoo or the surrounding area?? Thanks in Advance.


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