I love Ebay

My latest Ebay purchases arrived today. Can I tell you all that I’m IN LOVE with Rowan Calmer yarn. It’s soft as buttah and it’s got a subtle sheen that I just adore. I can’t wait to try the “Nothin But a T-shirt pattern by Alison Hansel in Chiffon. It’s a really soft, sort of pastel lavender. It’s a lot prettier than it sounds. I’m not good at describing colors. So I got Calmer in a few colors: Laural (lt. green), Chiffon (lt. lavendar) and Tinkerbell (gorgeous blue shade). Wow, I’m an idiot. I was just sitting here thinking about the fact that all of the colorways for this yarn are very sedate and soothing. Hello…Shannon?!?…anyone home?!? The name of the yarn is Calmer for Pete’s sake. (BTW, who is this Pete for whose sake we are always doing things for? Can anyone lead me to him? I’m just not sure why we’re so worried about Pete and his sake…yes, I’m a bit off my rocker today 😛 ) There are also 2 skeins of Rowan’s wool/cotton blend in Flower, a great, bright Magenta color. Love it!
There were also two complete kits in the mail. The first one is for a felted, modular carpet bag done with triangle motifs and a cool little stripe pattern. The other is a Faire Isle Cardigan sweater pattern in a dark colorway of Black, dk. purple, dk. blue, dk. green, with a little bit of lighter color with some soft light, lavender. I’m sure I’m leaving some colors out. I’m a little nervous about this one: I’ve never done anything at all like Faire Isle, so I think I’m going to practice from one of my stitch pattern books. I want to be more proficient at it before I start the sweater.


2 thoughts on “I love Ebay

  1. Elle Kasey says:

    See, now you made me all crazy to go get some more Rowan calmer. It is so lovely to knit with!

  2. Shannon says:


    I still haven’t started the t-shirt, I’m working on the felted bag, but I find myself fingering (that sounds kind of perverted) the yarn constantly. I really have to make the t-shirt my next project. If I even finish this bag, that is.

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