Bias knitting

So i’m playing with bias (diagonal) knitting today. I saw it on an episode of Knitty Gritty last week and I’ve been itching to try it since. It’s really very easy, don’t even need a pattern to play. Now I know how Charlotte made those dishcloths that were in our X-mas basket last year. I don’t know what it is, but those cloths seem to work so much better than ones knitted in garter straight back and forth do. Now I can make my own…

The beauty of what Barry Klein (the Guest on K.G. that demonstrated the technique) said is that this lends itself well to slip stitch patterns as well. So I can make not only dishcloths that work better, but really pretty ones as well. YAY!!! I’m looking for recommendations re: the best kind of yarn to use. i’ve got a ton of acrylic from the learning days that I want to use up, but will it work well for washing dishes? I’ve been thinking that cotton is the way to go, and there are so many pretty colors of Cream and Sugar (or whatever the name of that cotton yarn is…LOL) Help…not sure which way to go.

I’m still working on my beret as well. I’m working on a few new things here b/c the beret gets worked in front of the TV back at the trailer while I’m watching my soaps etc. If I tried newer projects during that time, I wouldn’t have the concentration I really need for either of them to be honest.

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