The beret

The beret that I’m making for Jamie is coming along nicely. I’m on row 43 of 56 and deep into the decreasing. I’m really enjoying working on it but wish I would have altered the pattern a bit and done it as a circular piece instead of back and forth; it’s kind of annoying.

Love the circs that I got on ebay. They were such a good deal that I was afraid they were going to be crap. Not so much. I want to get more of them, and straights and more dpns. I’m becoming a needle whore, even more than a yarn whore…LOL

I have the spindles I ordered as well. Both are retired Lollipops (Heart’s desire and sunflowers) and I have tons of roving (wool, alpaca, silk, mohair) but I haven’t tried spinning yet. I have a book and several good websites, but it seems so complicated to me. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow while watching the spinning episode of knitty gritty. It makes it look awfully easy.

I’m off to get back to work on the beret. I can’t sleep, so I might as well try to finish while I play soap catch up. Gotta love the DVR!!

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