Class Sock


So I’m loving this “class sock” project.  Best sock knitting decision I’ve made.  I started it sort of grudgingly when I found myself having a lot of trouble with the “sunburst” sock I was making (just a plain 4 stitch repeat pattern in a gorgeous colorway called sunburst) after finishing the heel turn.  

I’ve made a trial sock done with a very basic pattern and a ww acrylic yarn (thicker and cheaper).  I’m not sure that I did everything right, but it was sock-like anyway…


Working on the sunburst sock, with the smaller needles and the thinner yarn, was a lot harder for me. 

The class sock, though, is worked with the bigger yarn, on size 6 DPN.  The pattern is very well explained (in the book Sensational Knitted Socks) in the class sock, and assumed that you know what you’re doing by the next section of socks.  I have a much better understanding of the heel flap and turn and I finally understand what is meant by rearranging stitches to keep the instep pattern centered.  I also have a lot better understanding of picking up sts in the for the gusset w/out leaving the gap where the heel and instep join.  I think I’m going to try all three methods (4 dpn, 5 dpn and 2 circ) in the class sock before going back to the Suburst.


Time to go and finish the first sock, hopefully…I”m starting the gusset decrease tonight and would love to get it done…maybe I won’t graft the toe, though, since I’m tired.


 I hope everyone has a very happy 2007.  May you all get everything you want in the coming year and some things you didn’t realize you wanted until you got it.  Peace, y’all.





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