Still alive and still knitting socks

I have not been very good at keeping up with my blogging, I’m afraid.  I have, however, kept right now knitting.  I’m still in my sock phase, but have finally come to the realization that just “winging” it and trying to follow the pattern without any real understanding of the theory behind it makes for socks that look okay, but that’s it.  I don’t want “okay” socks, I want BEAUTIFUL socks, GORGEOUS socks.  

I have been bad about buying sock yarn lately.  Lots of great stuff at one particular store on EBay.  I have a ton of colorways in twinkletoes and in twinkletoes superwash.(Of course I didn’t separate them so I have to do a little felting test on my swatches so I know how to care for them).  I’ve also got a few hanks cashwool (for myself and for hubby) as well as two 1 lb. hanks of Rayon/silk half and half blend.  I’m not sure what to do with the last two, but I’m thinking the combo corset T from Knitty Gritty might be nice…but I digress.  The point about the yarn is that I don’t want to waste my beautiful sock yarn on socks that are “okay.”

I’ve been knitting from Sensational Knitted Socks and I just love the format.  I was working on a four stitch repeat pattern and realized that I had screwed up when it came to rearranging sts. so that the pattern would be right on the instep.  It hit me at this point that maybe I should have taken the  author’s advice and started with the “class sock”.

So, I’ve put aside my beautiful orange/red/yellow twinkletoes for some Caron Simply Soft in white and I’m off and running on the class sock.  Having some experience, limited as it might be, in sock knitting, I think this will just firm up the concepts in my mind and make for fewer frogging incidents later on in my socknitting endeavors.

I hope everyone had a wonderful “end of December” (I REFUSE to say “Happy Holidays”, it drives me mad for some reason…just too damn PC for me) and that you all got lots of great knitty presents, if you get presents at this time of year…LOL

I will post some pictures of the new yarn soon and maybe y’all can give me advice on what to make with the rayon/silk blend.

Until next time…



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