Limelon Sock update

I’m using this ridiculous looking font color (let me know if you can’t read it, I’ll change it) b/c when matched with the Post Title color is almost the exact color of my stripe socks.

I’m about half way finished with the foot of the first sock.  I keep saying that I’ve designed it, but I’m not sure if it counts.  I used a basic sock pattern and just used a stripe pattern; does that count as designing?  Does it really matter? 

This is only the second sock I’ve made.  I never did the 2nd sock for the first pair.  It was really just an attempt to see if I could do it.  I used a really scratchy acrylic yarn and I would never wear them.  So for all practical purposes, this is my first real sock…or something.  lol  Working out the striping pattern with solid heel and toe was a little challenging for me, but I did it.  I was worried that things would get messed up after the heel when I tried to get back into working in rounds, but it didn’t. YAY!!  I’m also continuing the rib pattern down the entire front of the sock rather than switching stockinette stitch like I did with the “practice sock”.  I will post pictures as soon as I get back onto my regular computer.  I’m lazy and don’t know where my connection cable is and my other laptop allows me to just put in the memory card and go. 

I’m actually excited to start the second sock…I’m going to alternate a bit.  The first one starts with a lime strip and has a melon stripe. Incidentally, I found out melon isn’t the name of the color, it’s actually mango, but I’m not changing the name to Limango socks.  Well, I don’t know…what do you guys think?  Limelon or Limango socks? 

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2 thoughts on “Limelon Sock update

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are loosing your TIME.
    Blogs like this, damage the internet.

    Go walk your dog instead that would be better…

  2. Shannon says:

    People like you damage the internet. If you don’t want to read blogs like this, why do you? You must have some interest in them to be here reading…sad isn’t it?

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