Limelon socks are getting going

The socks are on the move. I was so terrified of the striping pattern with the circular knitting, and I feel so silly. It’s just as easy as doing it with row knitting; a step or two more to hide the jog perhaps, but that’s it.

I’m making progress. I’ve finished the schematic of the sock, which in this case means I’ve written down for myself how many rows each section is and how many repeats of the pattern there are. It’s something, though. I’ve finished the cuff of the sock (3 repeats of a four round stripe) and am getting into the leg now.

The more I get done, the more confident I feel and the more I want to work on it. Last night, I didn’t want to put it down. Just one more round, I told myself, then one more color change, etc.

I’m also working on a small challenge I’ve set up for myself. Lion Brand’s newsletter is giving the instructions for 24 square patterns; 1 per week for 24 weeks. I’ve challenged myself to keep up with it, to make all the squares the same size – 7″ (there’s the dreaded math again) and them stitch them together as an afghan. This week – week 1 – it’s the seed stitch, which is nice, mindless knitting and I can watch TV while I do it. I’m having to force myself to motivate to work on it (I think it’s something like 53 rows) for more than a row or 2 at a time b/c I want to be working on Limelon. Limelon has become the definite name of these particular socks. I don’t even call them the Limelon socks anymore, just Limelon. LOL I’m such a crackpot!!!


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