The Limelon socks begin

They are on the needles, finally. After a whole lot of math, a whole lot of false starts and a whole lot of frustration, I’ve got them on the needles.

I’ve decided to use a four row repeat for the striping pattern, with the heel flap/turning and the toe decreases done in solid color. I’m using a K2P2 rib for the cuff and K3P1 ribbing for the rest of the sock. Once I get to the foot, though, I’ll probably switch to simple stocking stitch rather than using the pattern stitch on top and st. stitch for the bottom of the foot.

I was obsessed with this project last night. I’ve been sick for the last few weeks (pneumonia) and I’ve been pretty much laid up in bed, so I’ve been watching a lot of soaps and doing a lot of knitting and trying to finish up the blanket that I’m making for the nurse @ my aunt’s nursing home in CA. The knitting blahs hit me a few days ago, and now that I’ve shaken them, I just don’t want to stop. I think finally getting the sock on the needles helped as well. I actually stayed up knitting until after 6 am (Jacob is not with me this weekend b/c I was so sick and we didn’t want to risk him getting sick as well) working on this project. I think I would have stayed up later, but I had a small glitch. I’m not sure how to go about carrying yarn up rounds so I don’t have to cut the yarn every set of stripes. I know how that works with rows, but is it the same with rounds? HELP!!!


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