Knitting blahs

I’ve got a mild; working its way to serious, case of the kntting blahs. I think a lot of it has to do with being sick and just stuck in bed. Nothing is really very appealing to me. I’m STILL swaching the damned lime/mango socks. I’ve been at this for over a week, but I just can’t get into it enogh to work for very longl

**Update 10/22** I never finished my blah post or posted it…LOL I really did have the blah’s.

I’m starting to get over it and I’ve been back to enjoying knitting again. I finished the swatching for the lime/mango socks and I need to chart out the color changes for the striped parts. I’m a little nervous about this b/c I fear it will come out wrong, but it’s a sock, it’s creative and a mistake is just a new design feature, right?

As soon as I get offline, I will get started on the charting and the cast on. Wish me luck.

BTW…I’ve given up on those bamboo DPN’s for now. I just wasn’t having any luck getting the microspun to slide on them no matter what I did. I came this close to using the sandpaper that came with them to smooth them out, but I’m still afraid that I’ll ruin them; not that they are useful to me now. Any advice on sanding for smoothness??


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