Beating the dog and other crazy stuff

Before anyone freaks out, I’m not, repeat NOT actually beating or even thinking of beating the dog. I love the dog with all of my heart, he’s a rescued baby that I’ve had for over 10 years now. The other morning, though, I woke up to my knitting (a fun fur/lazy daisy scarf creation in orange, green and pink that I really liked) on the floor and destroyed. Not only had he dragged it onto the floor, but he had taken a big old crap all over it…and to add insult to injury, he then stepped in his poop, basically grinding it in to the fur. I was LIVID!!! First of all, the stench in the bedroom was unpleasant to say the least. There was no help for either the scarf or the ball of yarn (I had re-rolled the two yarns together to make things simpler) and it broke my heart to throw it out. I really LOVED that orange lazy daisy. I have to get more. I still have the purple LD to work with, but the orange I really, really liked. That was bad enough, but after I pulled the scarf off of the needle and threw it out, there was still a very strong smell. I picked up the needle and the ball on the top of it was COVERED with dog shit. OMG! So I wiped it off, washed it with some anti-bacterial soap and laid it out to dry. After it dried, I checked it out, the smell was just as bad as it was before. I tried several progressively more strongly scented soaps, shampoos etc. Nothing worked. Apparently, bamboo needles hold the scent of dog crap like nobody’s business. So now I have to get a new set of 8mm bamboo needles. I loved those needles. Bamboo is my choice of knitting needles, can’t stand metal needles for some reason, and the 8mm was my favorite size. Time for a trip to the LYS. That’s always expensive. As all fiber art addicts know, you can never pop into your LYS for just ONE thing…LOL

I finished the Bow Tie Yarn drop-stitch scarves that I was working on. The first one is a little rough at the beginning (while I was mastering the drop stitch – it feels so unnatural to let loops fall off the needle ON PURPOSE). The first one I did with a 6 row repeat and 3 YOs for the drop rows, the second with an 8 row repeat and only a double YO for the drop rows. I like the way they both came out, but I think I like the second one better; it’s more subtle, I think. This is the first time I’ve ventured into any kind of new stitch in knitting. It’s been mostly garter and stockinette stitch for me all this time, with a tiny bit of shaping, but that’s it.

The socks are becoming like the never ending quest for me. I actually picked up the DPN’s the other night and decided to get some practice using them. Big wimp that I am, though, I got the stitches cast on, seperated them, tried to start knitting, thought it looked “wrong” and gave up. I know I can do this, I just have to get over the fear. I’ve watched the sock making episode of Knitty Gritty about 20 times, and I think I can recite the directions in my sleep. The one good thing about reading/watching everything I find on sock knitting is that I think I really understand the construction of the sock before beginning. I think that will make it easier when I’m ready to tackle it. I keep thinking I could just do this on two circulars, but I really want to master the DPN’s. I’m going to keep at it. I’ll get brave enough one day…


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