Knitting v. Crocheting

I’m fairly new to knitting. I’ve been at it for about 6 months or so. Admittedly, it took me longer to pick up than crocheting did and I almost gave up quite a few times before it “clicked” in my head. That’s the funny thing about knitting. One day it’s just a melange of needles, yarn and frustration, you want to give up, swear you are going to give up and get rid of those needles b/c what’s the point, really? I can crochet, I told myself, that’s enough. But it nagged at me. It bothered me that I couldn’t get it, though. It bothered me enough that I wouldn’t give up. I was bound and determined to figure it out. It became my Mount Everest in my head. I was NOT going to let my mountain get me. I kept plugging away at it and when I was almost resigned to the fact that I just wasn’t made to use two needles, I got it. It just clicked one dayI picked up my never ending, crappy looking little garter stitch sampler, and I got it. The biggest help to me, I think, was switching from English to Continental methods of knitting. It was much more like crocheting to me; I’m used to holding the working yarn in my left hand and making that switch made all the difference. I’m also left handed, so Continental method was my saving grace.

Once I figured out how it all worked, I loved it. I quickly found it to be really relaxing. I moved on to the purl stitch pretty quickly and it’s been downhill from there. Another addiction to add th the crafting list: I crochet, I digital scrapbook, I’ve dabbled with cross stitch (don’t have the patience for it, unfortunately) and needlepoint, now knitting has become another of those daily activities.

I mostly crochet blankets, although, I just made my first foray into baby booties and I think I did a pretty good job. I’ll have to post pictures of the booties in the next post. ***Side note: that’s the one thing I’m really bad about. I always forget to take pictures of the things that I make before I give them away.*** As much as I love crocheting, and knitting now as well, I’ve been afraid to venture into anything more difficult than a blanket (I do some pretty complicated stitches for my blankets), but I’ve been too afraid to try anything new, anything fitted. I don’t know why. Making the booties, successfully, has really boosted my confidence. I’ve had a sock knitting pattern for awhile now, a pretty simple one, but I’ve been too afraid of failing to try. Double Points scare me and I don’t do well with fear…LOL Now that I’ve done the booties, though, I’m feeling more confident and more willing to try those socks.

I’ve been playing with new stitches in knitting…I just finished my first drop stitch scarf using ribbon yarn (I’m also learning to play with novelty yarns and I LOVE it). My next big project (other than socks) is to make a cute Corset-T that I saw on Knitty Gritty the other day. I’ve got the pattern and it seems like something I can do if I just give up the fear and follow the pattern. Wish me luck…


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